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Food For Thought #3 with Alice Avery

This time Alice Avery agreed to answer the questions of the recurring feature Food For Thought.

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Picture by Phil Tubbax – http://www.philtubbax.com

1. What do you do in life?

Still figuring that out myself!

I just finished my first out of two years studying Musical Theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York. Meanwhile I’m somewhere in the middle of studying Communication Management in Antwerp. At the same time I’m pursuing a career in singing and acting; I just released my third single “Lonely”, acted in a Belgian children’s TV show and just wrote my last weekly column for national Teen magazine Joepie about my adventures in New York.

Most of all I try to have fun and dream big!

2. What is the best advice you ever received?

Push through because it’s time to grow up.

3. Pick 3 items you would take to a desert island

-My cat Gigi

-My guitar, which I can’t really play that well but I’ll have tons of time to finally learn more than some chords

-A razor or a pair of tweezers, or sunscreen or tampons. TMI.  Depends on how long I’d be stuck on the island.

4. What would your day look like if I told you that, as from now, your planning just had been cleared?

I’d go for a long run and then take a yoga class. Meet up with my girlfriends for lunch. Try to do some exploring: living in New York this past year really made me more curious to what cities have to offer so even though I’ll be in my home town this summer I’m sure I’ll be visiting museums and will try to wander away from my more trusted routes and routines.

5. What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered and how did you overcome it?


I’m super close with my 3 sisters and parents and really had a bad case of homesickness studying away from them in Manhattan.  It’s hard to overcome; it just fades a bit with time. And even though Skype and social media make it much easier to keep in touch, it also makes it harder to get over homesickness. So I’d try to keep Skype with my sisters and parents down to once a week and force myself to go out more on my own.

Good friends who understand you and know what it feels like to live far from home also really help.

6. Who or what inspires you?

Strong women. Good food. Love. Nature. Music. Sunshine.

7. How do you find your ‘zen’ after a hectic day?

Cooking, with a glass of wine and some jazz music- My boyfriend cleaning up the mess and dishes. Then cuddling up to watch a good movie.

Sometimes after a bad day I like to be alone and write some lyrics, it’s like my own exaggerated way of journaling.

8. What would be your last supper?

My mom’s cucumber soup and her (veggie) spaghetti. And a sandwich with butter, chocolate paste (Kwatta) and chocolate sprinkles on top. And a glass of fresh pineapple juice. Pizza. Thai green curry with rice. My signature risotto with goat cheese. The banana Nutella cake from Alice’s Teacup, …

Obviously I love food… I can’t choose.

9. What is your secret little pleasure?

Watching TV shows. (Modern Family, True Blood, Parks and recreation, Dexter, Mad Men, Castle, The Mentalist,….) Name one and I’ve seen it- borderline sad but hey it’s my job right – if I ever want to be on a TV show I need to know the actors out there. Right?

10. As who or what would you love to reincarnate?

A cat, they get to jump around and chase things all day long, or just lazy around and take naps when they feel like it.

Make sure to also check the acoustic version of her new single below!

The official version is available in iTunes.

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